Memory Glass™ Orbs are available in two sizes, Large (4-5 inches diameter, like a grapefruit) and Small (2-3 inches diameter, like an orange). Three designs are available for your to choose from: Embrace, Galaxy and Swirl. Choose 2 colors from those shown below.

A Wrap is a delicate addition to a Memory Glass™. Applied to the piece during creation while it is still hot, wraps are permanently fused to your Memory Glass™. Wraps come in all of the colors listed below.

We create each LED Lighted stand by hand at Memory Glass. Hand cut from Honduran Mahogany, and finished with the highest quality varnish available. Finished with black velvet and a cluster of LED lights to light up your Memory Glass Orb or Heart, a stand truly accompanies each piece perfectly.

By suspending cremated remains within solid glass globes and pendants, Memory Glass provides a unique method of memorializing your family, friends and pets.

Memory Glass can accompany any other cremation service, including urns, scatterings and burials. Using an extremely small amount of cremated remains, every member of the family can have their own tangible keepsake that will last forever.

Each Memory Glass and Memory Glass Pendant is stored, made and shipped, individually with the utmost care and respect, and our procedures and security measures ensure that your loved one is returned to you safely. Made in the USA.