Create a living memorial that allows you to honor your loved one and express your grief. Let Your Love Grow, a specially formulated organic mixture, gives you that ability. By creating a remembrance planting from your loved one’s cremated ashes, you begin a new life in this plant. You can create a nurturing gift to the earth out of grateful gratitude for the life that has been lovingly shared with you.

Product Description
The Let Your Love Grow specially formulated mixture allows the natural release of phosphorous and calcium, the primary elements of cremated remains, into the environment. Let Your Love Grow works in harmony with nature’s normal renewal process. It comes in four sizes (as shown below). Determine the size right for you by deciding on the amount of ashes you wish to return to the earth. Each Let Your Love Grow container comes with a biodegradable scoop in its packaging. Since Let Your Love Grow does not use all of the cremated ashes, you never have to worry about leaving your remembrance planting behind if you relocate. Keep your remaining ashes in an urn with the knowledge that your loved one is always near.

Choosing Your Kit Size
We suggest that first you determine where and what you want to plant as your remembrance planting. Once you have determined this, find the description that best fits what you will be planting. All sizes of the Let Your Love Grow kit can be used for either indoor or outdoor plantings, though some will more naturally be suited for indoors or out. The number of scoops of cremated ashes for each size is indicated above as well as listed in the kit instructions. Remember, it is important not to use more than the amount recommended.

(Let Your Love Grow is a non-returnable item.)

Size Amount for Cremains
3″ container (small) 1/2 cup (1 scoop)
6″ container (medium) 1 cup (2 scoops)
9″ container (large) 1 1/2 cups (3 scoops)
2.5 gallon (extra large square) 3 cups (6 scoops)