Pet Loss Keepsakes St. Louis

As pet parents, we have experienced the joy of loving our pets through the various stages of their lives. We remember happy memories such as welcoming our pets into their forever home, playing games and snuggling with them through the years, as well as the difficult memory of having to say a final goodbye. 

The passing of a beloved pet can be one of the most challenging times a pet parent ever endures. It is only natural that after a pet passes, we want a tangible keepsake item to remember and honor their life.

Cremation: Traditional Urns

If pet parents choose private cremation, their pet’s ashes will be returned to them. Many families choose to display the urn holding their pet’s ashes at home in a place where it can be seen daily to reflect and remember the happiness and comfort their pet provided. Cremation urns can be selected from a variety of designs, including traditional styles as well as more decorative statues. Urns are customized by using different finishes and materials, such as wood or marble, and some have a place to display a favorite photograph of your pet. Rectangular and round engraved plates are also available to add personalization to urns that have no engraving option.  

Keepsake Pet Memorial Jewelry

Many pet parents also honor the life of their pets by selecting a hand-crafted piece of memorial keepsake jewelry. Keepsake jewelry comes in several pendant styles, many of which even contain a small amount of your pet’s ashes. Choose from silver heart-shaped and paw print pendants, as well as Memory Glass™ pendants which artfully suspend a very small portion of your pet’s ashes in a solid glass globe.  

Eco-Friendly Memorials

In addition to the more customary memorial keepsakes, a living memorial is a great way to honor and remember the life of your pet.  With “Let Your Love Grow” eco-friendly organic mixtures, pet parents can grow a remembrance plant or tree from their pet’s ashes, allowing a piece of them to begin a new life. The “Let Your Love Grow” kits are available in a variety of sizes depending on if pet parents are looking to nurture and grow a potted houseplant or a larger remembrance tree.

Unique Memorial Products

Pet parents may also select other unique memorial productsto keep the memory of their pet alive. Comfort can be found in having a clay paw print made from the impression of your own pet’s paw. Additionally, Memory Glass™ products (which include a small amount of your pet’s ashes) such as LED lit hearts, decorative orbs, and beautiful touchstones are available. Pet owners may also purchase an engraved paw print memory chest, which holds an urn and several special mementos or photos of your beloved pet.   

Our cherished pets’ lives will never be forgotten. Memorial keepsakes such as traditional urns, jewelry and living memorials provide pet owners with a sense of comfort and support throughout the grieving process. If you have any questions about how to best memorialize your pet, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are happy to review options and help you choose the best keepsake for you and your family!