Project Description

Sheba, our American Shorthair kitty, was born in August of 2005 and was rescued on September 1, 2006. I remember the day and everything about the event very vividly. I visited with her foster mom with the intent to rescue a boy kitty for my girl kitty Princess, thinking Princess would love a mate. When I arrived, Sheba jumped on my lap and didn’t move for the entire hour I was at her foster mom’s house. She was purring this very regal and majestic purr, demanding pets all the while. I knew she was the one, and she knew she was about to hit the kitty lottery. She’d found
her forever home. She quickly adapted to her new home and learned to love her sister Princess. In March of 2013, a boy kitty named Sidney adopted me and would soon become Sheba’s boyfriend. They did everything together; where he went, she went, and vice versa. They adored each other and I was so envious of their love for one another. I got married in June of 2018. They all quickly adapted to their new dad, and Sidney and he bonded early on. But Sidney and Sheba’s love still continued to grow. In addition to her adoration for Sidney, Sheba loved laying in the sunshine, enjoyed warm cozy fires, eating yummy treats, and taking long naps on my lap. She
was the sweetest, most lovable kitty who loved to snuggle with me at night while we slept, and helped me work during the day by sharing a spot next to my laptop. She was with me through several break ups, job losses, and rough times, but the wonderful, good times we shared are immeasurable. 

With the help of the vet, Sheba crossed the rainbow bridge on May 12, 2020 in my arms at her home. Our home feels so empty without her and it will never be the same. Our hearts are shattered and we miss her beyond belief. But, we know her spirit and soul live on and she is still very much present here. Fly high, baby girl. Mama loves you now and forever, and I will see you again when we cross the rainbow bridge together. If my love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

Love mama and daddy