Project Description

Our tuxedo cat, Shadow Miner, transitioned peacefully from her earthly life on June 01, 2019 at her home in Manchester, Missouri surrounded by her loving family.  Shadow was 19 years old and lived a long, happy, and extremely loved life.

She was born in February of 2001 in St. Louis, Missouri.  When Shadow was 6 weeks old, she was adopted by Clark Miner in April of 2001.  Shadow lived with her Miner family in Manchester, Missouri her entire life.  The primary love of her life was Clark and they bonded when he was 8 years old.  The two were inseparable throughout her life.  She was a loving and loyal pet that delivered unwavering affection and support.  She was always Clark’s anchor.

Her favorite spot to relax was always on Clark’s pillow, curled around his head.  She loved hair, so she would nuzzle her face into his hair and knead with her paws and loudly purr.  While lying next to Clark she would take both her paws and hold his hand.  Shadow enjoyed being a faithful, loving pet to Clark and she was very accepting of everyone’s love.  Shadow will forever be in our hearts because her family loved her so much.

Shadow is survived by her owner and life companion: Clark Miner of Manchester, Missouri; her family: Terry and Deana Miner of Manchester, Missouri and Blake Miner of Chicago, Illinois.

The family wishes to thank Dr. Marie Bauer of Manchester, Missouri, longtime family friend, neighbor, and vet.

Shadow’s memorial service will be held later when her family is gathered.