Project Description

Otis was born June 23, 2003 and went to Heaven on Nov 30, 2018, he was a very special pet, he was loved by many, and was an amazing friend and companion, and to his Mother and I he became a member of our family as if he were our Son, and we treated him that way always, he was one of us and he was always treated as one of the family, he was always a joy to have and made our life’s complete as a family, GOD sent him to our family and he became a special part of the family, we had so many happy holidays and special occasions with him, and he will be missed but never forgotten and always Loved and in our hearts forever, if Love could have saved him he would’ve lived forever, I want to personally Thank him for everything he did and was to our Family, he meant so so much to his Mother and I and our family, we will always be thankful for his unconditional love he gave to us in so many ways, and thankful to GOD for allowing us to be a part of his life. Otis I never thought about this day or writing this obituary, I just prayed everyday you would live forever, you hold a special place in my heart and always will and I will never forget you or the special Love I have for you, until we meet again.