Project Description

Lexie Sweeney aka lil Bebe

Born September 4, 2005
Passed on September 29, 2021
In loving memory of Our loyal, sweet, beautiful, fun loving baby girl Lexie who has passed over the rainbow 🌈 bridge today it’s killing me on the inside to know I won’t ever see your sweet face, kiss you or hold you again, my heat is broken, you’ve been the best baby girl any mommy could ask for. I’ll miss your sweet kisses and our cuddles.
When I brought you home 16 years ago I couldn’t have been happier, you stole my heart. I will forever miss your happy spins when I came thru the door, our snuggles at night when we slept together, your sweet smile and all your kisses.
Your unconditional love has meant everything to me, we’ve been thru a lot together and you were always there to love me. I love you with everything in my heart and soul and I don’t know what I’ll ever do without you. Thank you for letting me be your mommy, thank you for being my Lil Bebe!!! You have brought me so much joy and love.
I hope you have enjoyed your life with me with me with us trips to the lake, car rides, camping, float trips, working with mommy, boat rides, sleep overs at Nana’s and Aunt Jill and Uncle Toms, going to Florida seeing the ocean and playing on the beach, going to the doggie bakery to get your special cookies and so much more ..especially spending time with your Nana, Aunt Jill, Uncle Tom, Skyler, Melon, Molly and all your friends, know you have touched so many lives.
I’ll never forget all the fun things we have done together and you always being there, always! I’ll miss you following me around, looking up at me with that sweet face.
Your daddy, brothers (Brandon, Tanner, Trevor and Pokee), family (Aunt Jill, Uncle Tom, your cousins Skyler and Molly) and I will miss you terribly. Thank you for filling our hearts with so much love. You’ll never know how much you mean to me, to all of us and how much we all love you.
I’ll never stop loving you, thinking about you or missing you! You’ve been my heart, my daughter, my best friend, my family. I know Nana will take care of you now, she loves you so much and I know you will always watch over me, over all of us. I hope you play your heart out in heaven.
I’m gonna miss your adorable cute loving face my sweet Lexie. Until we see each other again know how much I love you, miss you and thanking you for allowing me to be YOUR mommy. Rest In Peace my sweet Angel, my baby girl.
Love your mommy