Project Description

Bijou, known as “B”, was born the summer of 2001 and passed on December 1st, 2016. He is a long-haired Chihuahua with black & white fur among his beauty mark around his right eye that makes him Unique! Bijou is survived by many friends, family & most of all – his companion, best friend of 13 years, “Gizmo”!

Bijou was more than just a pet, he was an important part of our everyday life; always made a big impression on each & everyone of us that filled our home with his grace, love & joy! Bijou was blessed with love as we gave him our best and in return he gave us his unconditional love. Even though our ‘BABY’ isn’t physically here with us today, we carry very many fond memories that will never be replaced…

Bijou loved many things…sunbathing, bonfires, corn on the cob, music, firetruck sounds, taking Selfies & most of all, following Mom everywhere, making sure I was safe, curled up to me at night & was always there when I’d wake; he just wanted to be present where ever I was!!!

He inspired me by always being there when I needed him, thru happy and sad moments as well as the blessing to be there for the birth of all 3 of my children!!! I thank you for that “B”.

As I may grieve, feel incomplete since you’ve passed, I’ve come to realize it’s okay; You helped me grow strength’s I never thought could be possible…the many memories among your paw print, will live in my heart forever. “B”, you were the perfect dog for me. You will never be forgotten & be greatly missed. Forever & Always, all my unconditional love!

A very special Thank You to Loving Hearts & staff for your help, dedication, support & love. It has meant so much to us. You have become more than I can express in words. Again, all is very much appreciated!

R.I.P. BIJOU till we meet again

With all our love,