Beau Hubbard

Beau was 8 years old when he died and his life was cut way to short for such an amazing boy. He was such a happy boy.
His love for life and outgoing personality is what I will miss most. He was so beautiful inside and out.
He was a Therapy Dog and he worked with the soldiers at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.
He also worked with the military children.
I loved him so much and I know he loved me also., I could see it in his eyes every time he looked at me and I'm thankful he was mine.


Jen Hubbard on Dec 30, 2018

You are my favorite baby brother Joe. He liked to be called Joe, that was his nickname. No one will ever be as beautiful as you. You had the best hair ever, cutest toes, nice teeth, most wagging tail, your breath never smelled, and your hair always smelled so good. You were my biggest fan, and I am yours. You would always get so excited to see me. You would go crazy and start jumping on me, kissing me like crazy, slapping me occassionaly, and bite my wrists and face off. But it never hurt so I didnt mind. You were so gentle, yet so happy. My joyful Joe. My jubilant angel. I miss you so much. I cry almost everyday because our house and life seems so empty without your joyful and pure spirit around. I miss eating hot fries with you and I burst into tears the first time I ate some and you werent there to share with me. I dont like them anymore without you here to have some too. The house is too quiet now because you used to guard the back door and bark at our neighbors chickens. Some mornings you used to talk to us and I wish I knew what you were saying. The troops miss you. Everyone misses you. Your brothers miss you. I miss taking you on walks, you were my walking pal. I’ll think of you everytime you it snows because you loved it soooo much. I’m glad I let you and Hank play in the snow on November 12th even if it did upset your lungs later because it was the ONLY day it snowed this year and I think God did that for you one last time so you could enjoy it and play it in. The year is over tomorrow and that was the only day it snowed, in the beginning of November of all days. That was for you Joe. I know you had fun coming over to my house too. I miss seeing you in my backseat and watching you try and go off into the woods and sniff all the plant life. I could keep writing and it would be a book and maybe one day I will, because I have enough memories with you that I could do that. See people who say dogs are just “pets” don’t understand. I couldn’t say all this and feel this way about someone who wasn’t my family. Beau was my sweet baby brother, the light of my life. Joy itself. A ray of sunshine from heaven. I feel so blessed that we had him but so crushed now that he is gone. I’ll miss you forever my sweet baby brother. I love you so much Joe.

Jen Hubbard on Dec 30, 2018


Sara Lewis on Dec 30, 2018

We will miss you always, Beau! Beau was the sweetest and most energetic bundle of love. He was always happy and loved life. Beau was one of a kind and taken way too soon. He was a dog that really did make a difference in the world by serving as a loving therapy dog for those who needed it. He is very loved and missed. We love you sweet Beau!

Sonia Leach on Dec 29, 2018

I am so sorry for your loss. I had the honor of meeting Beau. He was with his mother and their bond was undeniable. Within seconds, I could see how much they loved and meant to each other. They were and are a family with an unbreakable bond. My heart broke for the both of them, when I saw how strong they were trying to be. Not for themselves, but for each other. I mentioned before, that it was an honor to meet Beau. And it was. He, along with the rest of his family, has served our country by helping our soldiers. Such an amazing, selfless act. I cannot begin to imagine how many lives he has touched, because within seconds, he had touched mine. And I will never forget him.

Linda Carrasco on Dec 29, 2018

Beau will never be forgotten. He was an amazing dog , he was always so happy and playful with his family and so giving of his love for the troops. Such a shame he was taken from us to soon. We will miss him so much. I loved you Beau so much.
Love from your human grandma



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Beau Hubbard

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