It is only natural when the time comes to say goodbye to our beloved pets that we want to show them the same love and respect as they have given so freely to us. Through personalized cremation services, pet parents can choose the best cremation option to help find comfort as they grieve the loss of their cherished friend.

St. Louis Pet Cremation Costs

People often don’t know there are variables for pet cremation that can affect the cost. One consideration is whether a private or communal cremation is preferred. In a private cremation, the pet will be cremated solely by him/herself, and pet parents will receive a certificate to verify private cremation was conducted.

Attended cremation is also available for private cremation services. During attended cremation, the pet parent and family are able to spend time with their beloved pet to say a final goodbye, and they can choose to sit comfortably in our witness room to view the last steps of the cremation service. Attended cremation often creates a sense of finality needed for the grieving process. Although there is no fee for attended cremation, there may be a cost to prepare the pet for family visitation.

What is Family Cremation?

This is a special type of multiple-pet cremation performed at the request of a single parent or family. Pets from the same family, and only pets from the same family, are cremated together, with the cremated remains returned to the family.

Both private and family cremation services are slightly more expensive than communal cremation, and the exact cost is calculated by the total weight of the pet. Many owners choose private and family cremation options because all the crematedremains are placed in an urn and returned to them. Owners can select the standard urn, or choose a decorative urn for an added fee.

Selecting Communal Cremation

Communal cremation is a dignified cremation service performed when several pets are cremated together. In this less expensive cremation option, no ashes are returned to the owner. However, the communal ashes are honorably spread on our pet memorial grounds. Like private and family cremation, communal pet cremation cost is calculated by the total weight of the pet.

Other Factors for Pet Cremation Services Cost

In addition to the actual cremation cost, there are a few other financial considerations to keep in mind.

Loving Hearts has a regular pick-up service at the veterinary clinics in the St. Louis Metropolitan area which is usually free. We can also pick-up your deceased pet at your home, for an additional fee. You may bring your deceased pet directly to Loving Hearts during regular business hours. After-hours service is available outside of our regular office hours, at our Eureka location, also for an additional fee.

Also, many pet parents choose to purchase memorial products such as urns, engraved plates, cremation keepsake jewelry and clay paw print imprints. These special mementos often help pet parents commemorate the loss of their cherished pets.

At Loving Hearts, we strive to help pet parents navigate their cremation choices during one of the most difficult times of their lives. With all of our cremation services, our goal is to help families find comfort in knowing their pet is treated with respect and dignity during his or her final journey.

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