How to Celebrate Your Pet’s Life with a Pet Memorial Service

Pets give unconditional love and support to their family throughout the years. In fact, they are often the one constant in our lives over a long period of time. They are one of the first family members to greet a new baby being brought home from the hospital. They travel with us as we relocate our family across the country for a new job. They know just when to curl up and show affection after we’ve had a difficult day.

After our furry companion passes, as loving pet parents we often want to celebrate the joy they’ve brought into our lives through a dignified pet memorial service.

Organizing a Pet Memorial Service

Our pets brighten and touch the lives of many people, and it’s difficult to cope when they suddenly pass. Organizing a pet memorial service can greatly help loved ones grieving a pet. Reach out to close family, friends and neighbors who you feel might benefit from a formal sense of closure. A pet memorial service doesn’t have to be elaborate to give loved ones the chance to say a final goodbye. When selecting the location of the service, think about your pet’s favorite places. Did they have a favorite park, beach or nature trail? Pick a spot that holds a special meaning for you and your pet.

Memorial Products and Photos for the Service

As pet parents, we often collect many pictures of our animals over the years. Gather the best photos of your pet throughout his or her life and display them at the pet memorial service. Some pet parents even choose to create an enlarged photo collage of all the best shots and set it on an easel.

Personalized memorial products can be included at the pet memorial service, too. Engraved plates, clay paw print imprints, and special Memory Glass products which contain a small portion of the cremated remains, can be on display alongside your pet’s photos. In addition to being part of the memorial service, these special keepsakes provide comfort by keeping your pet’s memory alive when you display them at home.

Along with featuring pet photos and memorial products, you may consider displaying the pet cremation urn at the service, too. Your pet’s ashes will be returned to you in an urn if your pet was privately cremated. Some pet parents even choose to scatter the ashes as part of the remembrance celebration.

Ceremony Participation Can Help Those Grieving a Pet

Oftentimes, talking about the love and life of a pet will help those coping with a loss. Ask loved ones to share a memory of your pet if they feel comfortable. It will bring a smile to everyone’s faces as guests recount a favorite family trip when your pet tagged along, a goofy trick he or she had mastered, or how your pet happily greeted them with kisses.

Children coping with a pet loss sometimes find it hard to express themselves during the actual memorial service. Instead, younger children may find it beneficial to draw and share artwork they created of their pet.

A Final Goodbye

At the end of the pet memorial service, it may give a sense of closure to the ceremony if guests can each contribute to a final goodbye. This conclusion to the memorial service can take many forms. Whether each guest is lighting and holding up a candle, or throwing a flower into a lake, this closing part of the service will bring a sense of finality, which is sometimes much needed – especially if your pet’s passing was sudden.

Organizing a memorable and thoughtful final tribute for your pet will show the significant role he or she played in your life. At Loving Hearts, we treat each pet as if it is our own. We are honored to help pet parents grieving the loss of a companion by providing dignified cremation services and hand-crafted memorial products. If you would like to learn more about our services offered, contact us today.