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Coping With Pet Loss: 4 Keepsakes to Honor Your Pet’s Life

by lovinghearts

As pet parents, we have experienced the joy of loving our pets through the various stages of their lives. We remember happy memories such as welcoming our pets into their forever home, playing games and snuggling with them through the years, as well as the difficult memory of having to say a final goodbye.  The […]

Coping with Pet Loss: 5 Stages of Grief

by lovinghearts

The passing of a pet can be a traumatic event for loving pet parents. Pets are frequently so much more than “just a dog or cat.” Over the years, our pets take on important roles in our every day lives. To many pet parents, pets provide meaning and significant comfort and structure to their daily […]

How to Celebrate Your Pet’s Life with a Pet Memorial Service

by lovinghearts

  Pets give unconditional love and support to their family throughout the years. In fact, they are often the one constant in our lives over a long period of time. They are one of the first family members to greet a new baby being brought home from the hospital. They travel with us as we […]

How Personalized Services Affect Your Pet Cremation Costs

by lovinghearts

It is only natural when the time comes to say goodbye to our beloved pets that we want to show them the same love and respect as they have given so freely to us. Through personalized cremation services, pet parents can choose the best cremation option to help find comfort as they grieve the loss […]

Choices and Options for the Final Responsibility

by lovinghearts

We have choices and options available to us when the time comes for our Final Responsibility to our loved ones. Believe it or not, there are choices of firms that will provide services for the afterlife care of your pet.  You do have the right to request burial and either private or communal cremation.  These […]