St. Louis Pet Cremation Facilities You Can Trust

The death of a pet can be as traumatic as losing a human loved one. We have created our St. Louis facility to be a safe haven — where you can make after-life care decisions in a warm and caring environment. We provide more than cremation services. Our families are dedicated to help you find closure during this difficult time.

Designed from the ground up to be environmentally-friendly, warm, and inviting, our St. Louis area pet cremation facility ensures that you feel comfortable participating in honoring the memory of your animal companions.

We offer proper cremation procedures and crematory cleanliness to provide pet cremation that honors the memory of your beloved pet.

Loving Hearts owns its own cremators and the facilities, and we adhere to the strictest Pet Loss Professional Alliance (PLPA) standards.

We offer private pet cremations where pet parents can be present during the procedure as well as communal cremations. And if you are unable to bring your pet to us, we’ll come to you to pick them up.

Curious about what this all looks like? Stop by! We maintain an open door policy, and pet parents are welcome to inspect our facilities at any time during business hours. Transparency is one of the main pillars of our business, and we are always happy to talk to you, answer questions, and ease your mind. As a St. Louis pet cremation facility, we are fully compliant with all state and federal laws, and encourage client and veterinary partner inspection of our facilities.