Celebrating the Life of Your Pet

When a family loses one of their companion animals,  there is sorrow and a need for grieving.  Many families find comfort in celebrating their pet’s life and memorializing a cherished family friend.

Most people choose either to bury their pet or arrange for cremation.  The option to bury depends on whether you live inside or outside city limits, along with whether there is a pet cemetery nearby.  When pet cremation is desired, there are choices as to whether to have a private or communal cremation performed.

  • Private Cremation: “One pet at a time” –  When we perform a private cremation, only one pet at a time is in our crematory. Since the pet is alone in the crematory, all of the pet’s ashes, and only that pet’s ashes, are returned to the owner.If you would like to be present for your pet’s private cremation, you may do so. Please contact us for more information.
  • Communal Cremation: If a pet owner chooses not to opt for private cremation, they may choose dignified Communal Cremation. With this type of cremation, several pets are cremated together, and the resulting ashes are scattered on memorial grounds.Please be aware that no ashes are returned to pet owners when Communal Cremation is chosen. We are able to do fur clippings or clay paw prints for these pets if the owners would like something by which to remember their pet.
  • Attended Cremation – Owners may be present during the final part of their pet’s journey with them
  • Transportation

There are many memorialization offerings available for both pet burials and cremations including:

  • Pet burial caskets
  • Pet cremation urns
  • Permanent pet memorial stones and markers
  • Personalized home mementos
  • Many other personalized celebration and memorial offerings
  • Grief resource materials and websites for helping family members cope with the loss of a pet

Our Pet Memorial Center realizes the need of those who lose a pet to finalize, celebrate and memorialize the relationship with their faithful companion.   We are always available to assist your family when needed.  We also encourage those with pets which are beginning to fail, to call us ahead of time to help guide you through this difficult time.