Frequently Asked Questions

How and when will my pet be transported to the crematory? May I inspect the facilities where my pet’s cremation will be performed?   If transportation services are selected, your pet will be transported in one of our clearly labeled Transportation Vehicles. In instances where a pet is to be at a veterinary hospital, your pet will be properly identified, and placed into a thick special body bag, and kept in cold storage to keep him or her safe. In instances of home removal, we will be using special carriers to transport the pet. Pet parents are welcomed and encouraged to include a blanket or any padding they wish.  Each and every pet is secure and in their own space during the transportation process. You are welcome to inspect our facilities at any time during business hours, as we maintain an open door policy. It is our belief that you shouldn’t need to make an appointment to do so, as doing so would generally reduce transparency and defeat the purpose of inspecting in the first place. Transparency is one of the main pillars of our business that differentiates us from other cremation service providers.

Where and how is my pet stored until such time that he or she is cremated? At Loving Hearts we have a morgue that is similar to large walk in freezers that you would see at many hospitals throughout the country. Each and every pet is clearly identified and given their own space. The reason for keeping pets in cold storage is that it preserves the pet’s body. We place an extremely high emphasis on dignity, and not allowing for pets to decompose in between transportation and cremation is an absolute must for preserving said dignity.

If I choose and pay for a private cremation will my pet be cremated individually and will I receive a written guarantee that states such? Will only my pet be placed in the chamber? You will absolutely receive a written guarantee of private cremation. This means that the document certifies that your pet was cremated privately and you have the remains of your pet, and only your pet. When we do any cremation procedure where we return the cremated remains, only one pet is present in the cremation chamber at a time. Before the next cremation is to begin, all of the cremated remains of the previous pet are retrieved.

Can my pet’s cremated remains be returned to me within 24-48 hours and if so, what is the additional cost? As a general rule, our turnaround time is 48-72 hours. In many cases we can accommodate client requests to have their pet returned within a 48 or even 24 hour period. Initially, we anticipate being able to accommodate any expedited request for no additional charge. However, as this service gains in popularity, and our client base increases, we reserve the right to implement a fee schedule for expedited and special services.

May I be present before and during my pet’s private cremation without incurring additional cost?  You may be present to witness any and all of your pet’s cremation, by scheduling an attended cremation appointment with one of our Customer Care Team representatives. There is no additional fee when the cremation is paid directly through our front office at our public price level. Additional fees for transportation may apply. If you are arranging to attend a private cremation service through one of our veterinary partners, an additional fee of $75.00 can be paid through the veterinary hospital. This fee includes expedited transportation services, and any additional administrative expenses that are not included in our standard pricing agreement with our veterinary partners.  One of the advantages of witnessing a cremation service is the ability to leave the appointment with your pets cremated remains. For larger pets, please allow two to three hours. For smaller pets, please allow one to two hours.

If I choose a group cremation, can you guarantee that my pet will not be mass incinerated and sent to a landfill or a rendering or fertilizer plant? We absolutely guarantee that your pet will be treated with dignity throughout the entire process, and that your pet will be cremated (in a cremation unit, not a waste incinerator). Upon the completion of the cremation, your pets remains will be refined to a fine powder and reverently scattered in our pet memorial area in Wildwood, Mo. (MORE TBA)

If my pet is group cremated, what happens to the cremated ashes?

Your pet will be reverently scattered at the following location:___TBA_____ where you will be able to visit and memorialize your pet. We understand that many families that do not want the cremated remains back still cherish the opportunity to be able to connect with their pet. Also, it is our belief that pet owners should not be forced to forfeit their right to a dignified service if they elect not to have the cremated remains returned to them.

If my pet’s cremated ashes are scattered, may I visit the location?

Yes you may visit. Scatterings occur regularly at ______TBA_____________

If the crematory is not on site, when did you last do an inspection of the facility and do you keep an inspection report on hand? All cremations are to be performed on site (Loving Hearts owns the cremators and the facility), and our cremation facilities adhere to the strictest standards (see: PLPA Standards and Definitions). We are fully compliant with all state and federal laws, and encourage client and veterinary partner inspection of our facilities.

Does your service offer grief support and memorial products? Yes, for grief resources please view our Grief Resources page. We also have a complete inventory of urns and other grief and memorial products. These products can be viewed and purchased in person by visiting our office, or digitally by visiting our online product catalog.

For all other inquiries please contact us.